News Media Coalition Manifesto

EspañolThe News Media Coalition exists, above all, to defend press freedom.

We seek to ensure that the right and duty of the News Media to report any and all matters of public interest, freely and without interference, is guaranteed and defended at all times. We are a grouping of a large number of media organisations including newspapers, news agencies, journalists, photographers, publishers and industry bodies worldwide. We came together as a result of growing unease among our supporters about restrictions on the media being imposed by organisers of events, particularly sports events, on reporters and photographers as a condition of entry to their event.

Our principal role is to help ensure that the relationship between Event Organisers and the News Media operates in an orderly, agreed and mutually beneficial way.

We therefore also seek:

• An end to unreasonable editorial, commercial or digital media restrictions being imposed upon the News Media.

• To work with event organisers to help them effectively manage their relationship with the news media

• To promote consensus and avoid conflicts

• Acknowledgement by event organisers of the value contributed by the News Media through the creation of communities of interest and promotion

• Accreditation agreements for events which are negotiated and agreed in advance and are in harmony with the needs of the News Media

• To ensure public policy initiatives treat the news media as full stakeholders

A core part of the NMC’s mission is communication with anyone who these issues might affect – event organisers, the news media itself and, of course, the consumers of news, the public themselves.

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