Independent news reporting on sport backed by European Parliament Report

05 December 2016

The importance of independent reporting on sport was given political recognition today (Monday, December 5th) when MEPs voted to support amendments to the European Parliament's Sports Report.

In general, the report recognises the importance of the news media for issues of good governance, given its part in revealing match-fixing and other types of corruption in sport as well as holding sports organisations to account. The approved Amendment 228 features wording promoted by the NMC: “Stresses that sport bodies should ensure necessary access and news-gathering opportunities at all sport events for independent news media to fulfil their role as important and critical observers of sport events and administration of sports.”

The own-initiative Parliament report prepared by leading Finnish MEP Takkula is not-binding but will shape how the Council and Commission tackles its new 'Work Plan' for the sport sector which has been rocked by a continuing series of revelations about corruption, doping, match-fixing and poor administration.

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