FA given vote of no confidence by UK MPs

10 February 2017

Members of the UK Parliament have adopted a non-binding motion of no confidence in the Football Association. The motion, which went unopposed by any MPs, is aimed at putting pressure on the FA to improve its governance.

A failure to change could lead to the FA losing funding from Sport England, which gave the FA £30m between 2013-17 to support grassroots football. Last year the public body threatened to stop funding national sports organisations with less than 30% of their governing board made up of women. So far Sport England has only given the FA £5.6m to support disability and women's programmes during the next four year period.

Tracey Crouch, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport said: "The FA's current model does not, in my opinion, and clearly that of other colleagues, stand up to scrutiny. Reform is therefore required. " Culture, Media and Sport Committee Chairman Damian Collins, who secured the debate, added that "if they don't reform, then reform will be delivered to them."

The Parliament has previously published two reports calling for the reform of the FA to allow representatives of fans, women's football, ethnic minority groups, officials such as referees and the grassroots sport to have a significantly greater say in the governance of the game, and to afford the executive directors of the FA greater weight compared to the representatives of the Premier and Football Leagues.

Sports governing bodies have until March to submit their proposals for governance reform.

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