Spanish Competition Authority opens proceedings against La Liga

14 March 2017

The Spanish National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) has opened disciplinary proceedings against La Liga for allegedly preventing Mediaset and Atresmedia from accessing football stadiums and thereby failing to guarantee the right of information to citizens.

The CNMC has asked La Liga to guarantee Mediaset access to stadiums within two days, in line with a resolution from January 2016. The public body has also instituted precautionary measures urging the Spanish Football League to ensure Atresmedia's access to authorised zones in stadiums. La Liga faces sanctions of 20,000 euro per competition day during the first two weeks of non-compliance and 30,000 euro per match day until it complies the CNMC resolution.

The League said in a statement that the decision to deny access to a Mediaset camera operator was a result of the systematic breach of requirements for the publication of images on its on-demand platform MITELE and other websites as well as constant tracking of players in a way that inhibits them "from carrying out their sporting duties".

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