Macron election welcomed by Paris 2024 Olympic bid committee

10 May 2017

The Paris 2024 Olympic bid committee has welcomed the election of Emmanuel Macron as France’s new president, after concerns a win for Marine Le Pen could have derailed the bid.

Paris and Los Angeles are the only cities left in the race for the prestigious competition. The International Olympic Committee will announce the winner in September.

The Olympic bid committee is likely to consider Macron, a pro-business candidate who stood on a centrist platform, a preferable option to Marine Le Pen. Le Pen’s campaign message to halt immigration and put France first would appear to contradict the open message of the global sporting competition.

Macron, however, presented himself as an internationalist.

The bid committee co-chairs, Tony Estanguet and Bernard Lapasset, offered Macron their congratulations in a statement:

“On behalf of the entire Paris 2024 Bid Committee we would like to congratulate Emmanuel Macron on becoming the newly elected President of France. We know that our new President will be a great supporter of the Paris 2024 bid and play a key role in helping us secure the nation’s ambition to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

They added that Macron “understands the power of sport and how the Games can be a force for real change and help build inspiration and inclusion”.

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