European News Agencies step up call for neighbouring rights

31 July 2017

As reported by AFP, European news agencies have joined the call for neighbouring rights in the major battle over an EU reform plan that would allow them to obtain compensation from internet aggregators such as Google News for displaying snippets of their articles online.

“Unauthorised internet use of media content” by aggregators and search engines “is threatening citizens’ sustainable access to quality news content,” said the European Alliance of News Agencies, of which AFP is a member. “It is therefore crucial that neighbouring rights be created for news agencies and other publishers, covering all activity” on the web, the agency said.

Neighbouring rights already exist in EU law for broadcasters, film and music producers giving them legal protection for what they have produced and distribute. These rights strengthen the hands of the producers when negotiating with other commercial players who wish to reuse their content by giving them clear legal standing in the market and better negotiating power. The proposal is just one of several components of a major EU draft law intended to update European copyright law in the digital age.


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