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Company Summary

News Corp Australia owns well-known brands such as The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, Fox Sports and Foxtel. Its 170 imprints cover news, sports, lifestyle, politics and business, as well as local and national news. Headquartered in Sydney, News Corp Australia is the country’s largest media company, publishing 7 of the top 10 Australia newspapers. It also owns the property site and has invested in numerous other businesses including Carsguide, CareerOne, and SportingPulse, as well as acting as a shareholder for the Australian Associated Press.

Key Facts

  • News Corp Australia sells 10.4 million newspapers each week, with an additional 6.7 million free titles distributed

  • Fox Sports alone broadcasts more than 9,000 hours of live sports each year

  • News Corp Australia accounts for three quarters of Australia’s news circulation

News Corp Australia history

News Limited was established by James Edward Davidson in 1923, with the purchase of Recorder and Barrier Miner. Davidson went on to acquire Adelaide’s Mail and founded The News. Sir Keith Murdoch acquired a stake in 1949, and Rupert Murdoch inherited control of the company in 1952.

Murdoch acquired multiple smaller publications across Australia, with a focus on those printed for cities. In 1964, Murdoch acquired a stake in the Wellington Publishing Company, News Limited’s first international investment. These international investments grew to the UK, with News of the World acquired in 1969, and the US with purchase of Twentieth Century Fox.

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