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Newsroom operations set today’s news agenda.

Before, during and after major organised events are staged, they commit resources and generate public interest. They also anticipate tomorrow’s news and ensure reporters, photographers, news video journalists are best placed to research and capture news as it happens on the ground.

It is a function which can too easily be taken for granted; and lost.

The history of independent sports journalism is full of witness accounts, journalistic commentary, analysis and persistent investigation which have changed sport and lives. That relies upon journalists being able to access events, to use new and innovative technologies to witness behaviour on and off the field of play, to question managers,  players and administrators and fans.

Without it, significant sporting milestones would be less remarked on or prominent in public perception. Examples would include reports, analysis and journalistic comment addressing:

  • Increasing the visibility of sport
  • Emerging talent, performance and reputation
  • Exposure of cheating by players and officials
  • Use of performance-enhancing drugs
  • Corruption within major sports projects and organisations
  • The awarding of host-bidding contracts
  • The abuse of public funds
  • Tax evasion, white-washing and infiltration of organized crime
  • The player transfer market and club business models
  • Commercialisation and grass roots funding
  • Rule reviews
  • Technological innovation in sport
  • Social inclusion and gender issues
  • Violence and safety

Creating well-researched news is not easy and it does not come cheap. And neither is it open season. Although it’s is not readily recognised, journalists operate according to a number of professional boundaries including: training, employment contracts, professional codes, numerous statutes concerning libel and state secrets and also are subject to complaints regimes.

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