Primary Source Journalism

What is Primary Source Journalism (PSJ)?

PSJ is first hand witness-based reporting and newsroom practices carried out in line with professional codes and dedicated to identifying facts to better inform society. PSJ content – text, photography video news material – flows through a longstanding network of trusted news brands and into the hands of today’s news consumers.

Why is Primary Source Journalism So Important?

PSJ is a vital, consistent and high-value societal asset providing trust-worthy, real-time and authentic accounts about real-life events in a world of harmful synthetic content and disinformation. It is the bed-rock of global knowledge about current affairs, influence and social change.

How the NMC Protects PSJ

The NMC, dynamically and uniquely, safeguards independent newsgathering and news businesses by securing journalist access to staged events of high public interest – such as sports, showbusiness, cultural and civic events – ensuring legal intellectual property rights in news respected and challenging censorship.