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1Real news is life-blood of societies 
Across a range of topics as well as insight into special interests, mainstream news organisations strive to serve, inform and entertain disparate communities, as news consumption habits change too.

2No protection, no news
Like any business, news organisations must be able to convert their intellectual property, ideas and content into value for reinvesting into news-gathering

3More information but less informed
Editors and publishers fear that tomorrow’s readers will access limitless information but have little worldly insight – without a viable news sector

4Social media has its place 
While a healthy co-existence is evolving, the instant unreliable –and sometimes unlawful – content of social media is no alternative to the integrity of serious-minded journalism

5Public policy recognition
Politicians have the ability to weaken the news sector for ever – and to damage democracy and the public access to vital information which the news sector underpins. Public policy must support the news sector in the crowded digital information world – including ensuring news operations can access sources of information.

6Confidence in the future
Against a history of innovation (in photography, printing, investigative and campaigning journalism, integration of digital publishing and audio-visual news, tweets and live reporting) the news sector has a rightful place in the future

7Proud to Pay
For less than the cost of a coffee – and sometimes free – readers of published news platforms get a million facts and more, every day and in every community. News publishers (supplied in many cases by news agencies) provide a rich mix: from reports to analysis; comment to debate; and revelations to records of fact. Once appreciated, the news sector is worth paying to keep.

8Genuine news is hard to come by
The creation of genuine news content is a multi-layered eco-system of information-gathering, endeavour, creativity, investment and professional application.

9Instinct and motives
Editors and journalists are driven by a desire to share their insights with the world.

10Lives and commitment
To get the story, journalists lives are put at considerable risk and reputable newsrooms go to extraordinary legitimate lengths

11News-gathering that others follow
Experienced journalists are the originators of news on the ground – which others take as their own.

12Abiding by the law
Reputable newsrooms work under numerous legal constraints while balancing a duty to inform and responsibility to public interest