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The News Media Coalition, or ‘NMC’, is an international industry organisation comprising reputable news brands. Together – as news publishers and news agency content suppliers – they represent a significant proportion of the global news media sector, each day generating millions of pieces of news which flow directly or indirectly to news consumers.

The NMC, dynamically and uniquely, supports the content strategies of those news businesses by safeguarding independent news-gathering opportunities, ensuring their legal intellectual property rights are respected – and challenging arbitrary rules imposed on them by organisers of staged events of high public interest such as sports, showbusiness, cultural and civic events.

In particular, the NMC engages with the sports movement and event organisation in numerous countries worldwide, seeking to negotiate best practice arrangements for Members’ news operations and content freedoms.

NMC Members embrace well-run events. They also acknowledge the importance of a vibrant commercial media rights market under-pinning the staging of sports events – so long as news reporting and news business freedoms within the independent news media sector are not curtailed.

The NMC is a not-for profit trade organisation with bases in London, Brussels and connections worldwide.

NMC Members include major publishing houses and national and international news agencies including: Agence France-Presse (AFP), Associated Press (AP), Australian Associated Press (AAP), dmg media, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), ESI Media, European Pressphoto Agency (epa), European Publishers Council (EPC), Stuff, Getty Images, Guardian Media Group, News Corp Australia, News UK, Press Association (PA), Reach plc (national and regional titles), SNTV, Telegraph Media Group and Thomson Reuters.

They each run real news businesses and have teams of dedicated journalists in the field and in newsrooms who strive to deliver professionally-produced and independent content into news business and consumer markets.

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