Football leagues join forces to condemn beoutQ

///Football leagues join forces to condemn beoutQ

Football leagues join forces to condemn beoutQ

FIFA, AFC, UEFA, the Bundesliga, LaLiga, the Premier League and Lega Serie A have made a joint statement criticising the activities of beoutQ in Saudi Arabia.

“We, the rights holders of various football competitions, collectively condemn in the strongest possible terms the ongoing theft of our intellectual property by the pirate broadcaster known as “beoutQ” and call on the authorities in Saudi Arabia (KSA) to support us in ending the widespread and flagrant breaches of our intellectual property rights taking place in the country.”

The coalition writes that they have sought a solution to the illegal actions by seeking counsel from nine law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but to no avail, as the law firms refuse to take instruction or initially accept then withdraw from the agreement. Given this pattern, the leagues have come to the conclusion that a legal means of addressing the issue through a formal copyright claim in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is impossible and as such they will find a solution “to this very serious problem of piracy by other means.”

The leagues go on to comment that: “BeoutQ’s infringement of our rights inevitably harms every aspect of the industry, from the rights holders to legitimate licensees, consumers and fans, participants (including players, clubs and national teams) and ultimately, the sport itself.”

The press releases concludes with the football leagues calling upon the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information and the Saudi Government to “take swift and decisive action against beoutQ.”


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