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Company Summary

The DPA is one of Germany’s leading news agencies, and is able to collate and disseminate news quickly and impartially. The DPA operates primarily out of Berlin’s Newspaper District, and provides two main services; the Basic Service, which provides over 800 daily reports on news, sports, culture, entertainment and business, and the Photo Service, which produces 400 photographic items each day. 

The DPA aims for the maximum possible independence and autonomy, so that the news it provides can be reliable and can get to clients efficiently. To maintain this integrity, the DPA is a limited company belonging to media shareholders, who are prohibited from holding a share above 1.5%; governments can use DPA services, but are not allowed to hold shares in the company. 

Key Facts

  • Over 1,300 journalistic staff across 100 countries provide the DPA with content 

  • The DPA operates in four languages; German, English, Spanish and Arabic 

  • DPA reports have been featured in nearly every German newspaper and news service 

dpa history

On the 6th of September 1949, at 1am, the Deutsche Presse-Agentur made its first broadcast from its headquarters in the town of Goslar. Building international partnerships allowed it to punch above its weight as an agency, bringing news from around the world to Germany as it expanded its operations to Hamburg and Berlin. During the German Reunification in 1989, the DPA provided stories and photos to the East German Thüringer Allgemeine and had regional news services operating in East Germany by 1991. The current CEO of the DPA is Peter Kropsch. 

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