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Company Summary

The Australian Associated Press has journalists operating in bureaus all across Australia. The AAP provides news services to media outlets across the country, as well as to corporate bodies, government departments and sports organisations. Its ownership is divided among News Corp Australia, Fairfax and Seven West Media. 

As well as creating and publishing content, the AAP also provides analysis of news data, media analysis and web and publication design for clients. It is also one of the only news agencies in the world that is not funded or influenced by its government. 

Key Facts

  • The AAP moves 2 billion words of content each year 

  • More than 4,500 stories, pictures, videos and date files are sent to customers daily 

  • In one week, AAP content will reach more than 11 million people 

AAP history

Founded by Keith Murdoch in 1935, the AAP was established to help spread the expense of bringing news into the country among multiple news organisations. Operating out of Rhodes, Australia, it distributed international news wires to newspapers across the country. Since then, it has joined its powers with those of News Corp Australia, Seven West Media and Fairfax to provide news services and sources to 95% of Australia’s news organisations.  

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