NMC Welcomes UK Government Announcement on Major and Mega Sport Event Policy

///NMC Welcomes UK Government Announcement on Major and Mega Sport Event Policy

NMC Welcomes UK Government Announcement on Major and Mega Sport Event Policy

Event organisers to engage with News Media and broadcasters ahead of prospective events.

The News Media Coalition (NMC) welcomes the ministerial announcement that the UK’s Gold Framework strategic policy on big events has been amended to encourage organisers to involve the news media at the outset to ensure newsgathering at events is able to embrace innovation and fit with changes in news consumption by sports fans.

This proactive approach aligns with the NMC’s long-standing commitment to ensuring independent and comprehensive coverage of major events. Andrew Moger, Chief Executive of the NMC, said today: “The government’s reworking of the gold framework represents a meaningful change in approach. For the first time this long-standing policy document now includes specific reference to the news media as being stakeholders in preparations, alongside such matters as venue selection, impacts of events and strategy “

The new policy guidance to sports bodies states:

“Event organisers should undertake early engagement with broadcasters and other news media outlets when considering prospective events, to ensure that the highest levels of partnerships, opportunity and innovation can be explored early for all types of journalism, working within any existing parameters set by event owners and/or international federations. UK Sport can introduce prospective event organisers to relevant bodies in this area, including across all forms of news media.”

The government’s vision for this collaboration involves UK Sport, a non-departmental public body responsible for promoting sports and physical activity across the United Kingdom. The entity will play a pivotal role in facilitating discussions between all stakeholders, including news media representatives.

Simon Morton, UK Sport’s Deputy CEO and Director of Sporting System and Events, stated, “UK Sport is pleased to have worked with the NMC since the October 2021 Select Committee inquiry to ensure that News Media is referenced in the 2023 Gold Framework. With rapid changes in the way that our audiences consume major and mega events in this country, we are pleased that this latest version of the gold framework will signpost prospective event hosts to engage with broadcasters and the news media early in the event lifecycle, ensuring the visibility and impact of the UK’s events can reach, inspire and unite our nation.”

In an NMC press release today, Moger emphasizes the role of news media in contributing to public interest, enhancing commercial value, spotlighting sporting achievements, and even providing a safety net of public opinion when things don’t go as planned. He points out that early collaboration between news media and event organizers can pave the way for effective change implementation and avoid potential restrictions that could be put in place later.

‘Newsrooms, reporters, photographers and video journalists have rightly now been given a higher priority and we look forward to sharing our aspirations, alongside prospective event hosts, broadcasters and other formal partners’. Moger added: ‘Ultimately, this has the potential to be positive for sports fans, a strong news media sector, the safeguarding of press freedom and for sport itself. In this way the UK could, if successful, add to best practice in this area and enhance UK’s reputation abroad as a leader in staging major and mega-events’.


Moger concluded: ‘But this doesn’t just have a UK dimension. We believe that all governments across Europe and the wider world must encourage those involved in bidding for, planning and organising major events should engage with us in the news media so that we can continue to best serve the public with independent news reporting, news photography and video journalism. Sport administrators, sport ministries and indeed news media organisations all have a role in making this happen.’

The government announcement follows the NMC’s submission to the UK parliamentary inquiry that explored major cultural and sporting events, including the Birmingham Commonwealth Games and the Unboxed Creativity Festival.

The NMC looks forward to initiating meaningful dialogue with sports organizations, including the UK football associations, as preparations for the European Football Championship 2028 begin to take shape. This collaborative effort marks a significant step towards harmonizing news media coverage with the evolving dynamics of sports events, benefiting sports fans, news organizations, and the broader sporting landscape.

Moger added: ‘The new Gold Framework, which serves as a strategic policy guideline for significant events, now urges event organizers to engage with the news media and news broadcasters outlets during the event consideration phase. This initiative will help promote innovative journalism practices while respecting any existing parameters set by event owners and international federations. The goal is to ensure that journalism in all its forms can flourish and provide comprehensive coverage of events.’


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