Resurgence of trust in journalism amidst fears of “fake news”

///Resurgence of trust in journalism amidst fears of “fake news”

Resurgence of trust in journalism amidst fears of “fake news”

In what is very encouraging news for NMC members, public trust in traditional media has significantly increased, according to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer.

Meanwhile social media took a hit in the era of “fake news.”

The annual study sampled more than 33,000 people, including 6,200 informed public respondents from across 28 markets.

The study signals that the public’s trust in social media has declined, while more established news organisations have enjoyed a significant bump in public support.

Traditional media, which they defined as broadcasters and publishers, increased it’s score by 13-points to 61% this year, reaching its highest level since 2012.

In Australia, 52% of people trust journalism while only 35% trust search and social platforms. This difference of 17% is one of the biggest in the world, and is equal sixth with France and the UK.

According to the Edelman study, Germany’s trust gap between journalism and search and social platforms is the largest in the world at 21%. While 61% of people trusted journalism, only 40% trusted search and social platforms.

You can read the full report here at Edelman’s website.


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