Trusted Journalism Vital to Society

///Trusted Journalism Vital to Society

Trusted Journalism Vital to Society

News operations make sense of mass-information, say media leaders.

The need for quality journalism and the role of established news organisations in providing trusted
news to the public were two key points raised during a parliamentary inquiry last week. The session
on ‘misinformation and trusted voices’, was part of the work of the UK Committee Digital, Culture,
Media and Sport Sub-committee on Online Harms and Disinformation.

Representatives from news media companies were: David Dinsmore, Chief Operating Officer at
News UK; Nick Hopkins, Executive Editor of News at The Guardian; Alison Phillips, Editor at Daily
Mirror; and Peter Wright, Editor Emeritus at DMG Media.

They highlighted the crucial role of trusted journalism in ensuring a well-informed public and a
strong democracy in the UK.

Dinsmore emphasised the importance of professional media and journalism in making sense of the
vast amount of information available and the critical role of news publishers in combating
misinformation. “The need for professional media and journalism has never been greater because
there has never been more information out there than now” he said.

Hopkins spoke about the dual nature of reporting and scrutinising news, while Phillips discussed the
value of news during the pandemic and the need for accuracy and truth in journalism.

The media executives agreed that there is a commitment to avoiding mistakes in journalism and that
premeditated attempts to mislead the public are not tolerated. They emphasised the importance of
a plural news ecosystem in the UK and the role of established news organisations in providing
trusted news to readers.

Link to the committee session is HERE.


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