EFE Agencia

EFE Agencia

Company Summary

EFE is the first news agency in Spanish and the fourth in the world, with a history of more than seventy years. It is a multimedia news company; it has a network of journalists all over the world, with more than 3,000 professionals on 120 countries in order to provide its products to customers on five continents. EFE has four editing desks: Madrid, Bogota, Cairo, and Rio de Janeiro.

The news agency distributes almost three Million items each year on the different news supports; text, photography, audio, video and multimedia, which arrive daily to more than two thousand world media.

Key Facts

  • In Spain, EFE has delegations on the capitals of the 17 autonomous regions, and in the autonomous towns of Ceuta and Melilla. Furthermore, it has a world network of delegations and correspondents.
  • EFE’s graphical archive is made up by a total of 15 Million images.
  • Its text archive EFE Data represents the biggest database in Spanish of journalistic information, biographies and documents; it has also documents in Portuguese, Arabic, English, and Catalan.


EFE was officially founded in the city of Burgos in 1939.On that day the Marquis of Torrehoyos Celedonio de Noriega Ruiz and journalist Luis Amato de Ibarrola – both legal representatives of the Fabra agency – declared before the notary José María Hortelano, that they have agreed to set up a commercial company of an anonymous nature, with the name of Agencia EFE S.A. The Fabra agency contributed with its rights and its name. During the 80s it expanded to Latin America and it is currently worldwide.



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