Sky Secures High Court Order to Block Illegal Streaming of Football

///Sky Secures High Court Order to Block Illegal Streaming of Football

Sky Secures High Court Order to Block Illegal Streaming of Football

A significant victory in the fight against online piracy has been achieved by Sky. The company has obtained a High Court order compelling internet service providers (ISPs) to prevent the illegal streaming of its popular football matches. The blocking order, which was granted to the UK-based broadcaster this week, will require UK online platforms to stop people from illegally accessing streams across a range of linear channels where viewers must tune in at a specific time to watch a programme

The backdrop of this court order is the escalating concern surrounding piracy services that unlawfully distribute Sky’s premier football content.

The ramifications of this High Court order are far-reaching. By prohibiting illegal access to these streams, the court order significantly diminishes the prevalence of unauthorised distribution, thereby bolstering the integrity of Sky’s offerings.

The rise of internet TV media boxes, which facilitate the illicit streaming of content, has emerged as a prominent concern in recent years. These devices come pre-equipped with software capable of streaming channels from diverse geographical locations. As a result, they enable the unauthorised dissemination of copyrighted material, posing a challenge to content creators and legitimate distributors.

To ensure the efficacy of this blocking order, Sky has harnessed the capabilities of a third-party group. This expert entity is tasked with identifying the sources of illegal streams and tracing them through IP addresses or dedicated servers. The information garnered is subsequently relayed to ISPs, enabling them to implement targeted access restrictions. Proactive measures will enable Sky to selectively shut down individual pirate sites during specific periods, thereby curbing the distribution of unauthorised content.

The deployment of blocking mechanisms emerges as a potent tool in the ongoing combat against piracy within the entertainment industry. Notably, the Premier League’s analogous UK blocking orders yielded remarkable results, leading to the removal of over 600,000 illegal live streams during a single season.


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