La Liga report says piracy falls by 6%

///La Liga report says piracy falls by 6%

La Liga report says piracy falls by 6%

LaLiga has reported that its content was accessed illegally 4 billion times in 2017 resulting in €21.9 billion of lost revenue.

This represents a decrease of 6% from 2016 and an accumulated decrease of 9% from 2015, according to LaLiga and the Coalition of Creators and Content Industries (representing entertainment companies in Spain).

Films are the most popular illegally accessed content (34% of the pirates), according to the independent consultant GFK. In 2017, 726 million films were accessed illegally (their market value was €5.7 billion): 35% of illegal watching happened whilst films were still in theatres.

A survey revealed that 78% of internet users declared that the most effective way of reducing piracy could be to block websites offering illegal content. 73% of the same sample said that the best option would be to penalise internet service providers.

The website TBO reported a partnership between LaLiga and Belgium’s Pro League football league on anti-piracy scheme in March: the aim is for LaLiga to provide tools to the Pro League to prevent illegal football streaming.

A few weeks before, the Spanish police, supported by Europol’s Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition, arrested six people suspected of selling illegal TV signals.


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