English Football League CEO to stand down

///English Football League CEO to stand down

English Football League CEO to stand down

Shaun Harvey will finish his 6-year tenure at the conclusion of this football season.

During this time Shaun made some big changes to the landscape of English Football. Most notably, he led the charge in rebranding the 130-year-old Football League to the English Football League.

He also dramatically altered the English Football League Trophy, changing the rules so that some under 21 sides from the Premiership and Championship could compete.

One moment his critics will look back upon will be his decision to agree upon a £595m television deal with Sky. This deal received a cool reaction from some clubs in the Championship who saw this agreement as undervaluing the worth of the rights.

The announcement from Shaun comes in a context of wider change in the top echelons English football. The Football Association’s Martin Glenn will leave in May and the Premier League is still looking for a replacement to Richard Scudamore.


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